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With Duane Lee Chapman A professional Bail Bonds in Jacksonville, Florida. you will receive fast, professional and courteous service with over 30 years of experience in the bail bond industry from the Florida coast to the Hawaiian Islands.

We are conveniently located in downtown Jacksonville, only one mile from the Duval County Jail and service all areas and surrounding counties. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.  We stand by our confidentiality and reliability and know how hard the bail bonds process can be when dealing with getting yourself or a loved one out of the Jacksonville, Fl jail. If you, a family member, or a friend have been arrested call Duane Lee Chapman Bail Bonds, Inc. now and we can explain step by step the bonding process and answer any questions you may have.

  • Booking Process – Call us and we can help you decipher the system.
  • First Appearance – What is the first appearance? Call us and we can explain this important procedure.
  • Types of Bonds – SURETY BOND, ROR, CASH BOND, NO BOND – what ARE all these bonds and what is the difference? Call us and we can explain.
  • Released, Now what? Call us and we can help you understand step by step, the process that happens next.

Don’t hesitate, call Duane Lee Chapman Bail Bonds, Inc.  We can help you with all your bail bond needs in Jacksonville, FL.

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What is Bail and What are Bail Bonds?

Bail Acts as a Guarantee

“Bail” is the dollar amount that a court sets when a person has been arrested. If the arrested person or someone else on their behalf pay sthe bail amount to the court, he or she can go free. They aren’t off the hook for the arrest; they just don’t have to go to jail or stay in jail right then. 

Bail acts as a guarantee that the arrested person will go to required court appearances because it is only returned if the person shows up for all dates. Bail is set at a high-enough amount to motivate people to follow through with appearances in order to get their money back. 

Bail Bonds are a Type of Debt

If the arrested person (or someone on their behalf) cannot pay the amount set for bail, he or she can get a bail bond. A bail bond is when someone else—a bondsman—steps in and pays the bail for the arrested person. Usually, the arrested person must either pay a 10% non-refundable deposit, also called a premium, of the bail amount or give the bondsman something as collateral. 

When the arrested person has appeared for all required court dates and gets the bail back, he or she gives that money back to the bondsman. The bondsman keeps the 10% premium/deposit or a portion of the collateral or the monetary equivalent.

Types of Bail Bonds

Bail/Surety Bond

A bail bond or surety bond is described above.


These bonds are based on the arrested person’s promise that he or she will return for all court appearances and not participate in the any illegal activity. No amount of money is paid to the court or to a bondsman for these bonds.

  • ROR: release on your own recognizance

  • OR: own recognizance

  • PR: personal recognizance

Cash Bond

An arrested person pays the full amount of the bail amount set by the court.

Secured or Property Bond

An arrested person signs over an interest in a piece of property, to be returned in full when he or she has appeared at all court dates.

What is an Indemnitor?

Getting out on bail requires 1) money to pay the bail amount to the court(whether from the arrested person or a bondsman) or a different bond arrangement, and 2) may also require the word of an indemnitor. 

An indemnitor is a man or woman who guarantees an arrested person’s return for all court appearances. The indemnitor substantiates the arrested person’s reliability through evidence of their standing in the community, reputation, career, property ownership, etc. The evidence supports the guarantee in that the arrested person has too much to lose to make it worthwhile to skip court appearances. 

Reliability in returning to court may also be demonstrated by financial risk taken on by the indemnitor (his or her pledging assets for collateral). 

Bail is not a Given

Granting of bail is not automatic. Sometimes a court will not grant bail. A bail hearing is set, wherein the court considers all aspects of a case before setting or not setting bail.

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From Duval County Jail:
Turn right out of First appearance parking lot (Pre- Trail Intervention) onto East Adams (becomes Monroe Street) You will pass the Sulzbacher Shelter on the left. Follow around until you pass the Maxwell House coffee plant on your right. Turn onto AP Randolph. The Southmor office building is the large white building with the green roof located on the corner of E. Adams and AP Randolph. About a 2-minute drive from the jail.

From I95:
Exit Main Street Bridge. Turn right onto Bay Street. Turn left onto AP Randolph. Turn right into Southmor parking lot. Corner of AP Randolph and E. Adams.